Iowa Employment Separation Report

This report provides information on employment separations within the State of Iowa Executive Branch.  The report does not include Regents.  Employment separations include both voluntary and involuntary separations.  Voluntary employment separations generally include resignations and retirements.  Whereas, involuntary employment separations generally include dismissals and layoffs.

Separation Counts

Employment separation counts are organized by the pay period in which they occurred.  Counts for reported months and fiscal years represent separations occurring within pay periods that ended in the reported month or fiscal year.

Separations by Reason

Employment separation typically occur for the following reasons: Voluntary Resignation, Retirement, Involuntary Dismissal, Involuntary Layoff, Disability/Medical, Involuntary Resignation, Abandoned Job, Death, Return to Recall, Term Expiration, Mandatory Retirement, and Pending Appeal.

Separations by EEO Category

EEO categories include: Administrative Support, Official/Administrator, Professional, Protective Services - Sworn, Service/Maintenance, Skilled Craft and Technician.

Separations by Employee Status

Employee status include: Permanent (Merit), Probationary (Merit), Permanent (Nonmerit), and Probationary (Nonmerit).

Separations by Classification

Position classifications reflect the classification the employee held at time of his or her employment separation.