Iowa Correctional System Population

This report provides the census of individuals who are actively supervised in Iowa's correctional system - within institutions, community based corrections, or other.  Generally, "other" would include individuals who are serving time somewhere else, such as another state or federal prison.  In some instances, they may be sentenced to prison, but are awaiting transfer and are still in jail or a medical facility.

System Summary

Regional Summary

Current Population Breakdown

Filter charts below by region type (e.g., Institution, CBC or Other), or region name (i.e., individual institutions and judicial districts).

Supervision Status, Sentence Length, and CBC Distribution

Note: Sentence length is only provided for offenders supervised in institutions, so this chart will state "No Data" if the report is filtered to exclude institutions.  Likewise, CBC Population Distribution will state "No Data" if the report is filtered to exclude CBCs.

Age, Sex and Race/Ethnicity

Educational Attainment & Language

Prior U.S. Military Service


Operating Budget

Below is the IDOC operating budget for Fiscal Year 2023:
  • General Fund = $414,705,710
  • Other Revenue - $25,075,134


Below are employee counts for Fiscal Year 2022:
  • Prisons - 2,364
  • CBC - 1,090
  • Central Office - 42
The data powering this report is updated daily.