Iowa Financial

Iowa Checkbook

The Iowa Checkbook is an interactive ledger that represents the State of Iowa's ongoing commitment to improving fiscal transparency.  It allows you to explore state executive branch expenditures from high level summaries down to checkbook level transactions recorded in the State’s central accounting system through highly interactive charts, graphs, and tables.

Budget Reports

This website provides Iowa's Program and Budget outlining the Governor's budget recommendations presented to the Iowa Legislature each session.

Financial Reports

This website provides the most current and archived comprehensive annual financial reports for the State of Iowa.

Tax Expenditures

A tax expenditure is any exemption, credit, deduction, or exclusion from the tax base that is tied to a specific provision in tax law.  This website provides reports related to Iowa tax expenditures.

City Budget Explorer

The City Budget Explorer is an interactive budget providing line item detail for revenue and expenses associated with city budgets in Iowa.  The website allows you to explore the budgets of every city in Iowa through highly interactive charts, graphs, and tables.